The seventeen images in this sequence were selected from projects completed over the past four years. Here, each is stripped of it’s original narrative and stands alone—as photograph with illustration and/or hand-drawn type.

Images were selected from: (Top row, from left) The Mallards of Gill Bridge, Cord, Fly Fishing, Montpelier, Sequoia National Park; (2nd row, from left) NYC/Hoover Wilderness, Birdfinger, NYC/Hoover Wilderness, NYC/Hoover Wilderness, Huntington Gardens (and Strybing Arboretum); (3rd row, from left) Huntington Gardens (and Strybing Arboretum), The Mallards of Gill Bridge, September 17th, Cannon Beach, Cord; (4th row, from left) Montpelier, and Yosemite.