Very Superstitious

The current issue of Sportsnet Magazine includes my full-page illustration and hand-drawn headline for “Very Superstitious”. Shannon Proudfoot’s story delves into the superstitions of professional athletes—from Michael Jordan’s fealty toward his UNC shorts to Glenn Hall’s pre game ritual of vomiting before chugging a glass of orange juice—and how these rituals can actually improve performance.

A former ballplayer myself (way back when), I had fun concepting this particular illustration. I was never very superstitious and now realize this is probably the reason I never went pro… unless leading the team in strikeouts per at-bat precludes a call up. Whose to say? Download the pdf if you’d like to read the story or get the free Sportsnet iPad app to see the illustration animated.

“I hired Kyle almost immediately after coming across his website. We were running a story that was a tricky one to illustrate and his work seemed like the perfect mix for it. I loved what he came back with… everything—from the presented options to the final delivered files—was spot on. I highly recommend working with him if you get the chance.
—Myles McCutcheon, Photo Editor, Sportsnet Magazine

Sportsnet Magazine is a bi-weekly print magazine positioned for Canadian sports fans. Launched September 2011, the magazine is part of Rogers Communications and its national network of radio and television broadcasting, consumer magazines and business publications.

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