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SEEING: 30 Hands-On Visual Discoveries was published earlier this month by Chronicle Books. Designed by MacFadden Thorpe, the book contains 30 hands (and eyes)-on activities based on popular Exploratorium exhibits. I was commissioned to create illustrations for 14 of the activities and hand-letter activity titles in English and Spanish.

It was fun drawing this rather eclectic group. It isn’t everyday that I’m asked to illustrate a dog jumping up and down on a pogo stick (which animates when spun). Or Mona Lisa disguised as a pirate (she’ll dress up in costume if you flip the card fast enough). If you’re interested in how the activities below work (or want to see the rest), consider purchasing the book—a great gift for curious geeks of all ages!

Seeing_WhirlingWatcherSeeing_HoleInHand Seeing_YellowerThanYellowSeeing_ColorContrastSeeing_HotDogFingerSeeing_FlipSticksSeeing_FastYellowSeeing_EyeballCamera      Seeing_FuzzyFadeOut   

The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and human perception located in San Francisco, California. The Exploratorium’s mission is to create a culture of learning through innovative environments, programs, and tools that help people nurture their curiosity about the world around them.

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Parenthood Listography was published this month by Chronicle Books. Last week I had the opportunity to write about my experience and inspiration for their blog (which features 15 of 69 full color illustrations):

Of course I was excited to illustrate Parenthood Listography. Published April 2013, the journal is 8th in the esteemed Listography series, each authored by Lisa Nola and published by Chronicle Books.

As an illustrator, I was eager to work through a large quantity of illustrations—69! Lisa’s text suggested very unique situations and things; determining how to represent each visually while maintaining consistency throughout the book was a welcome challenge. Each drawing informed the next: from subject and composition to line quality and color. Ultimately, we all wanted drawings that were whimsical and fun, at times poignant. After all, many of the best parenting moments are exactly that. Continue Reading…


A list of things you destroyed: Your dolls.

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My first illustrated book (with 69 full-color drawings). Authored by Lisa Nola (the very funny creator of the Listography series) and published by Chronicle Books (so you know it has to be good). Hang tight… it’s available Spring 2013.

From the Publisher:

Listography for parents! Now fans of the smash-hit journal series (more than a quarter of a million copies sold!) can keep a unique memory book of their child and their parenting experiences over the years. With more than 60 thought-provoking list topics ranging from the classic to the lovably idiosyncratic (including your child’s first words, the best and most challenging parts of parenting, and your child’s biggest tantrums), this illustrated journal is a celebration of parenthood and childhood that will serve as a lovely keepsake for the family.

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Wow, it’s already November! Time to start thinking about which wall calendar you’ll need come new year’s, right? Consider this one from Chronicle Books … Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you could be accompanying your adventure planning next August. From Chronicle’s website:

This wall calendar features hip, inspirational imagery from runaway success Everything Is Going to Be OK. Playful messages of encouragement and hope offer a cheerful treat every month of the year!

Featured artists, chronologically (from January to December) include: Danna Ray, Jessica Swift, Bill Watson Payne, Susan O’Malley, Jen Renninger (whose work is also on the cover), Treatzone, Katie Daisy, Kyle Pierce, enormouschampion, Travis Stearns, Jessica Swift (again), and Amy Borrell.

Purchase your copy here.


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I am pleased to be included in Everything Is Going To Be OK, a new release from San Francisco’s Chronicle Books. A diverse group of creative talent—including Rigo 23, Jen Renninger, Vlatka Horvat, Mike Perry, Anthony Burrill and many others—enliven the hardcover book’s 96 pages with artworks bearing positive and inspirational texts.

From the author: In letterpress, photoshop, pen and ink, needle and thread, the artists in this book dare to wear their hearts on their sleeves; dare to shake off negativity and cynicism; dare to hope, to dream, and dare you to do the same.

You’ll find Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you on page 75.

Everything Is Going To Be OK is available now at Chronicle Books, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and a host of independent stores.

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CMYK Magazine published a review of How BooksFingerprint: The Art of Making Handmade Elements in Graphic Design in their Spring / Summer 2007 issue. Compiled by Chen Design Associates, the book showcases the fusion of the digital and hand-made. Contributors include Elixir Design, Volume Inc., Chronicle Books, The Small Stakes, and myself, among many others.

Contrasting the variety of work within, the review notes “Illustrator Kyle Pierce, on the other hand, integrates drawings and his signature scrawl on color photographs to create something that looks simultaneously earthy and contemporary.”

Featured projects (shown above) include Sequoia National Park, Baker Beach, and New York City / Hoover Wilderness. Read the full review here.

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