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The November issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance is now on newsstands, featuring a photo illustration I created for the cover. Inside the magazine, you’ll find four additional illustrations that accompany the cover story “Simple Investing”, written by Kathy Kristof and Elizabeth Ody.

Full-page introduction to “Simple is Smart”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dock bubblers… if you don’t own a lakefront cottage or like to snowmobile, you may have never heard of them. I hadn’t either when I was commissioned to make a new illustration for October’s 25th anniversary issue of Cottage Life magazine. Ray Ford’s story “Trouble in bubbler land” considers the benefits and hazards of such devices, asking whether protecting your dock from the ravages of winter is worth a potential manslaughter charge should someone—perhaps an unsuspecting snowmobiler—drown after driving into an unguarded hole in the ice.

Dock bubblers and “de-icers” work by creating an area of open water around the dock, protecting it from being crushed by expanding ice or lifted off its foundation by fluctuating water levels. Risks to snowmobilers have increased as they have become more popular.

Cottage Life is a Canadian magazine focusing on cottage lifestyle content. First published in the summer of 1988, the publication features how-to articles, buying guides, tips and expert advice on all aspects of cottage life. The award-winning magazine is published six times a year by Cottage Life Media Inc.

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The May issue of Report on Business Magazine features new illustrations that accompany Ivor Tossell’s story “The ABCs of Cybersecurity.” The assignment included a full-page opener and three spots that served to illustrate the author’s A-to-Z primer. To read the story, download it in pdf format.

C is for China.

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The current issue of Sportsnet Magazine includes my full-page illustration and hand-drawn headline for “Very Superstitious”. Shannon Proudfoot’s story delves into the superstitions of professional athletes—from Michael Jordan’s fealty toward his UNC shorts to Glenn Hall’s pre game ritual of vomiting before chugging a glass of orange juice—and how these rituals can actually improve performance.

A former ballplayer myself (way back when), I had fun concepting this particular illustration. I was never very superstitious and now realize this is probably the reason I never went pro… unless leading the team in strikeouts per at-bat precludes a call up. Whose to say? Download the pdf if you’d like to read the story or get the free Sportsnet iPad app to see the illustration animated.

“I hired Kyle almost immediately after coming across his website. We were running a story that was a tricky one to illustrate and his work seemed like the perfect mix for it. I loved what he came back with… everything—from the presented options to the final delivered files—was spot on. I highly recommend working with him if you get the chance.
—Myles McCutcheon, Photo Editor, Sportsnet Magazine

Sportsnet Magazine is a bi-weekly print magazine positioned for Canadian sports fans. Launched September 2011, the magazine is part of Rogers Communications and its national network of radio and television broadcasting, consumer magazines and business publications.

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You can find a drawing of mine in Time Out Chicago this week, illustrating a story on the local start-up Found in Town.

The web service provides stickers and key rings with individual codes to be applied to oft-lost items like keys, cell phones, wallets and the like. If lost and found (and reported), the owner will receive an email with details on how and where they can retrieve. Click on the image to enlarge or download the pdf to read the story.

Time Out Chicago is a weekly covering “everything there is to watch, read, laugh at, listen to, shop for, eat and experience” in the 3rd largest city in the United States.

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Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine recently commissioned three photo illustrations to complement the February 2012 issue’s cover story: Save Thousands in 15 Minutes or Less!

Left to right: Full-page illustration that served to kick-off the story; illustration that accompanied banking tips (e.g. ditch that expensive airline credit card); illustration that ran adjacent to phone-related tips (e.g. lose your landline, use apps to text for free, etc.). Click on each of the images to enlarge, or download a pdf of the story to see the work in context.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine was founded in 1947 and has a paid monthly circulation of 800,000. The monthly advises its readers on managing their money—covering investing, retirement planning, taxes, insurance, real estate, buying and leasing a car, health care, travel and financing college.

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January is here, and so is Cleveland Magazine’s annual issue featuring 30 of the city’s most interesting people. The short list includes new member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Shaquille O’Neal, congresswoman Betty Sutton (author of Cash for Clunkers), and Henri Ngolo—who supports orphanages in the Democratic Republic of Congo on his salary as a Sam’s Club Assistant Manager. My assignment included hand-drawn typography for the title and awardee names, as well as line art integrated into photography by Chris Walters.

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